The theatre festival was founded in 1983 by a group of local business and community leaders that recognized the value of the little-used Veterans Memorial Amphitheater. They became a non-profit, public benefit corporation in 1984. The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival has since become a yearly tradition responsive to the need for cultural activities in the northeast regional area of Sacramento County.
The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival represents the finest aspects of true community theatre: Affordable, quality entertainment that results from the dedication of our hardworking volunteers, students, community members, and professionals who care about the community of Fair Oaks and express that caring through the creation of theatrical arts. The Fair Oaks Theatre Festival is committed to providing and mentoring educational, cultural, and performing arts opportunities for theatre students, local actors, and theatre production staff. Through our seasonal productions, we work to promote the live theatre experience while enriching the lives of our patrons in Fair Oaks and the surrounding communities. 
It is the purpose and desire of the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival to provide our community and the surrounding communities with good quality, low cost, live theatre. We believe that live theatre can provide an enriching experience to everyone that has the opportunity to see it performed. Our mission is to make this a reality. Our shows are fun, our ticket prices are low, and our all-volunteer staff has been producing community theatre in Fair Oaks for thirty-seven seasons.
We need your help NOW to support our continuing mission of providing professional-quality, live theatrical entertainment. A new theatre facility is in the works, and that is great! In the meantime, many unfunded needs exist, such as lighting and sound equipment upgrades for the new theatre and most importantly, funding temporary performance opportunities over the next few summers. To achieve these things, we need your help!

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